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Furthering the Great Commission through financial funding of ministries worldwide.


Connecting Christian ministries to Businesses that desire to fund missions.

Our Mission

At The Commission Group, we are professionals, business owners, and Pastors who are dedicated to furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the procurement of financial funding for ministries worldwide. Our commission is to connect Christian ministries to Businesses that have a desire to fund missions, and spread the Word of the Lord, but don't know how or where to start. Through our network of Business partners, we facilitate funding to Ministries and ministry projects in their time of need, to help them further the Gospel, and complete The Great Commission given to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Matthew 28.

We charge no membership fees to ministries or businesses, we take no commission from donations, no fees whatsoever. We are here to serve the Kingdom of Heaven in the way God leads us to. This is our ministry, donating our resources, our businesses, and our time to meeting the needs of our partner ministries.

It's our conviction that as Christian business owners, God gifts us freely for a purpose that we may sow into His kingdom that which He has gifted us, for the purpose of furthering His Gospel. As James 1:17 tells us, every good gift comes from our Father, we must use these gifts wisely, as good stewards of what is His, for His kingdom. Remembering that God is the one who gives increase and with every good gift sown into His kingdom, He will grow and give the harvest.


Our conviction to fund the work of the Kingdom comes from the examples the apostles gave us in the New Testament writings about funding the work. In Acts 5 we are given a stark warning, using as an example Ananias and Sapphira. These two are what we would consider in todays world business owners, owning property of substantial enough size to sell, and give to the Kingdom work.

In this example we are shown that they dealt deceitfully with their gift, and given a stark warning of being good Stewards of what the Lord has bestowed upon us as Christian business owners.

In other verses in Acts 2:45 and 4:34-37 we are given more examples of what we would consider business owners in today's world. Taking properties that they possess and selling these properties, and giving liberally unto the work and "parted them to all" as there was need. Reading in these chapters we find that those who this was parted to was two fold, one the members of the congregation, but as well the Apostles doing church planting.

The first Missionary we see in scriptures can be Paul or Philip, as being a part of this congregation they were a part of the provision given by those who had.

In Luke 16:10-11 we are given yet another warning, this time by Christ directly, where He states, "If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?".

Here Christ is speaking of mammon, meaning material wealth in this world, contrasting it with the riches of Glory. If we cannot be good stewards in the little that God has blessed us with on this earth, how then can we be faithful when the blessing of Glory is bestowed upon us in that coming age?

In Luke 8, we find yet another instance of funding missions, this time Jesus' ministry directly. Though we don't find any explicit places where Jesus tells us to directly give to missions as owners, we find examples, where Christ expects us to mine Gold from His words and examples given in His Holy Word.

In Luke 8 we are presented with 3 women, among others it states, who "ministered unto Him of their substance". Of the three ladies we know that Joanna's husband was a wealthy man of that time, being a steward of Herod's house, of his wealth Joanna blessed Christ's ministry while on this earth.

In all of this we are reminded of Proverbs 21:26, and the promise of God's blessing a giver in Proverbs 18:16. And lastly in Proverbs 3:9-10 we are again reminded of God's promises of sowing and reaping.

Won't you join us in blessing God's kingdom with what He has blessed us with abundantly? Our God does not need our help, as the Creator of the Universe He is well able to provide for His own Kingdom causes as we are shown in Matthew 17:27. However, we have found that He wants us to bless His kingdom, so that in so doing He may prove our faithfulness to Him, and bless us in return with more than wealth.

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Furthering the Gospel of Christ through financial funding of ministries worldwide.


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